Spring Sale Catalog

Our new Sales Catalog is live. If you don’t follow us on Facebook (the first place to get updated), you can check out the new catalog here . As we do not yet have a full e-commerce website (we want you to shop locally – in-store) you can always call us at 407-292-0171 to place an order. If an item is out of stock or not yet delivered by the publisher we can special order it for you (we do this many times each week for customers).

As always we thank you for supporting a locally owned Christian Bookstore. Every month more Christian Bookstores close. This past week I learned that 14 Empowered Life Stores (that took over 14 former Family Christian Stores) are in the process of closing. As Christians we need to support what we say we value. If we want a locally owned Christian Bookstore we need to support it. Similarly, if I want good Christian movies made, I need to support the ones that do get made. We vote for places to stay or go by where and how we spend our money.

Buy local. Keep local.

P.S. In case you were wondering, we are currently at about 30% of what we need each month to be sustainable long-term. Please keep spreading the word – it’s our best friend!